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How to deal with Hypertension?

How to deal with Hypertension?

Posted By Rupa Jaiswal Posted on Nov 30, 2021

Blame the Life Game! Mankind dwelling amid the accelerating world creating wonders, but turning the generation more casual and indolent. Lack of physical activity, unhealthy eating habits along with sedentary lifestyle may make our life appear enriching. However, we fail to realize that, the more we create opportunities to settle in a comfort zone, the more our body becomes lethargic. In order to compete with the fast pace technology, Blame the Life Game! Mankind dwelling amid the accelerating world creating wonders, but turning the generation more casual and indolent. Lack of physical activity, unhealthy eating habits along with sedentary lifestyle may make our life appear enriching. However, we fail to realize that, the more we create opportunities to settle in a comfort zone, the more our body becomes lethargic. In order to compete with the fast pace technology, every individual picks his own race and end up piling on loads of stress. Therefore, it is not a surprise any more, when a youngster of 25 years old falls prey to stress Obesity, stress and other behavioral factors corners the youth towards high blood pressure. Hypertension, which was middle age and old age related disease has now started affecting the youth. Today, the bitter reality is that, even a youth has to take severe efforts to combat hypertension.

How to deal with Hypertension?

How many of us would have not heard or come across a person who died due to heart attack? Not known, or have friends, colleagues and even family members who are or were suffering from this Pressure disease? Yes, we have come across this and also the term hypertension . The word itself describes what it means, increased tension. Where? In our blood . To make it simple, or rather better to call it as high blood pressure .

What is Hypertension?
Hypertension (high blood pressure) is a common condition described best by the persistent force of blood being exerted on the artery walls which can eventually cause Health problems, with most of them related to the heart. Your blood pressure is analysed by the amount of blood that is pumped and the amount of resistance your arteries put on the blood flow. In simple terms, it's the amount of blood that your heart pumps through the arteries, and if the arteries are narrower to push the blood, higher the pressure will be.

Hypertension (HTN or HT) is a condition wherein the blood vessels have constant high level of blood pressure. At each heart beat the heart pumps blood into the vessels from where it travels to other parts of the body. The force at which the heart pumps blood, pushing against the walls of the blood vessels is called as blood pressure (BP). Increase in BP for a longer period of time may lead to serious complications such as coronary heart diseases, heart failure, stroke, kidney failure, and other health problems.

There are two types of Hypertension
Primary Hypertension (PH) PH may result due to various factors such as genetic environmental, excessive salt intake, obesity, sedentary lifestyle excess consumption of alcohol, family history, etc.
Secondary Hypertension (SH) SH may be caused due to obstructive sleep, kidney diseases, adrenal gland tumors, thyroid disorders, defects in blood vessels, overuse of certain medications such as birth control pills, decongestants, overuse of pain relievers, illegal drugs such as cocaine, alcohol abuse, etc.

Risk factors for developing hypertension
While almost everyone and anyone of us is vulnerable to suffer from hypertension, there are many factors that can influence to increase the chances manyfold. These risk factors include:

Age Middle-aged men & women are likely to develop blood pressure problems after the age of 45 and 65, respectively.
Family history If it runs in the family, it may be with you too.
Obesity or being overweight More your weight, more is the blood and oxygen need in your body to provide nutrition .
Less or no physical activity Inactivity can increase heart rate, in turn increasing blood pressure.
Frequent Tobacco use Chewing/smoking tobacco is a best way to increase your blood pressure!
Salt intake Too much salt intake causes fluid retention which influences blood pressure.
Alcoholism Anything in excess is never good, heavy drinking damages your heart and influences your blood pressure.
Stress A well-known reason for blood pressure, constant stress can increase blood pressure.

Hypertension in Youth-Hits Hard A major drawback that contributes to hypertension in youth is the general unawa reness or simply ignorance of routine unhealthy lifestyle factors.

High body weight in youth is majorly associated with high BP. Causes of obesity related to hypertension has been associated to vascular structure change, insulin resistance and sympathetic hyperactivity. A young adult may experience structural cardiac changes and organ damages due to hypertension. BP increases with age, some medical issues such as thyroid diseases, chronic kidney diseases also may elevate BP. Some medications like asthma medicines, birth control pills; in some women, pregnancy as well as hormone therapy may cause high BP. There is a remarkable increase in the levels of BP due to excess stress. This triggers the secretion of vasoconstricting hormones which causes hypertension. The complications manifest due to prolonged high BP are, heart getting weaker or larger may lead to heart failure (heart fails to pump enough blood to meet the body's need). An abnormal bulge in the walls of artery called aneurysm may also develop. The most common site of an aneurysm is the arteries that carry blood to the heart such as brain arteries, legs, and intestine. Blood vessels in the kidney also becomes narrow thus leading to kidney failure. Narrowing of arteries throughout the body limiting the blood flow gives rise to heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, or can even require amputation of a leg (surgically cutting off a part of the limb).

Complications in Hypertension
Excess of pressure has one sure effect on the body that is to deteriorate the functions of the blood vessels and many other organs in the body. Higher the blood pressure and longer it is left unmanaged, greater will be the damage caused to the organs. Enlisted are the harm high blood pressure causes:

1. Chances of heart attack and stroke High blood pressure causes thickening of the arteries, thereby eventually leading to increased chances for occurrence of a heart attack, stroke or other related complications.

2. Damage to blood vessels The blood vessels tend to become weak and bulging, may become fatal in case of a rupture.

3. Heart failure Unmanaged high pressure eventually causes thickening of the heart muscles which gives it a hard time to pump blood again, ultimately increasing its chances of suffering a failure.

4. Weak blood vessels in kidney/eyes Not just your heart, but also your other organs like kidneys and eyes have to suffer the effects of high blood pressure, wherein their normal functioning gets affected.

A silent killer which can be tamed To our dismay, hypertension can stay unknown for almost years together in anyone of us, with absolutely no obvious symptoms to detect its presence. But the danger it poses to blood vessels and the heart gets surfaced only when the conditions worsen with these organs being drastically affected and damaged. But fortunately, high blood pressure can be detected and if one is aware about it, and can be managed and controlled to avoid any further damage to blood vessels and the heart.

Hypertension Management
Improving and maintaining an ideal BP of 140/90 mmHg can help to live a balanced and healthy life. Change is the primary need that can keep BP under control. Lifestyle changes can help control and prevent this bane along with the prescribed medications. Here's what you can do.

1. Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy: Fruits, vegetables, less oil, whole grains, fishes, etc. can help keep your overall health fit and fine while managing your blood pressure. Less trans-fats can help to keep lipid levels in control, thereby keeping a tab on conditions like thickening of arteries (atherosclerosis) at bay. Healthy diet which focuses on fruits, whole grain, vegetables, and low in fats and sodium intake. Fish, poultry, nuts, fat-free or low-fat dairy products are also healthy for the heart. Maintenance of healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) is the goal to control blood pressure.

2. Control Salt intake: A must to every individual suffering from the pressure disease. Keep a tab on the levels of salt intake in your diet. Foods like vegetables, grains, etc. naturally have a certain amount of sodium which is sufficient for daily salt requirement.

3. Weight - Manage it now: Healthy weight and losing these extra pounds is going to decrease the pressure on your heart to pump blood and thus save you from suffering any heart ailments.

4. Physical activity: An important criteria to keep you healthy and your blood pressure under control.

5. Stress management: can improve emotional and physical health. Physical activity is very important that can keep you fit and also help to deal with stress. Living stress-free might seem next to impossible in today's hassle of a life, but trying to attain mental and physical stability is worth a try! This stroke of new year, let us promise ourselves to lead an active healthy life, and put an end to Hypertension. Get a Heart Checkup done today for healthy life tomorrow.

6. Quit bad lifestyle habits: like smoking which can damage blood vessels and increase the risk of HT. Giving up on smoking can contribute to maintain healthy lifestyle.

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Mastering to control the physical & emotional health is a sign of healthy living

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