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Hemoglobin Test: Costs, Purpose, Normal Range and Interpretation

Hemoglobin Test
  • Sample Type : Blood
  • Parameters : 1
  • Report Time : 24/48 Hrs
  • Home Collection: Yes
  • Fasting : Not Required
  • Age Group: All
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A Hemoglobin Test determines the amount of Hemoglobin (Hb) in your blood. Hemoglobin is a protein that is present in your red blood cells and is mostly recognized for carrying and transferring oxygen from the lungs to other parts of the body. Individuals who do not have normal Hemoglobin levels should consider it a sign of blood ailment. 

Anaemia, a condition where your body has fewer red blood cells than normal, is frequently detected via a Hb blood test. Measurements of Hemoglobin are made as part of a complete blood count test.

Learn everything about Hb Blood Test before you book lab test online. Understand the why, how, and what of this test.

Why Do I Need Hb Blood Test? 

Your healthcare provider may ask you to undergo a Hemoglobin blood test for a routine checkup or if:

  • You exhibit signs and symptoms of anaemia, such as dizziness, weakness, etc
  • Anyone in your family has an inherited blood disorder, sickle cell anaemia, or thalassemia
  • You suffer from a long-term infection and follow a diet low in iron
  • Lost plenty of blood during surgery or an accident

How To Prepare For Hb Blood Test?

To prepare for Hemoglobin check-up, follow these steps: Consult your healthcare provider, inform them about medications, avoid intense exercise, follow fasting instructions if given, and provide accurate medical history.

What Happens During Hb Testing?

Hg blood testing only takes a few minutes. 

  • As per the scheduled time of the blood test, a lab technician who usually takes blood samples will arrive.
  • A thin needle will be used to draw blood from your arm’s vein.
  • The needle might cause a mild pinch and some discomfort.
  • The lab technician then fills a collection tube with blood and then removes the needle from the skin.
  • They place a small bandage on the arm.

Should you book blood test online to check your Hemoglobin levels or go to the nearest clinic and get it done by a medical professional? Let's Find Out.

Can I Take Hemoglobin Test At Home?

Yes, the Hemoglobin blood testing can be taken at home. HealthcareOnTime’s at-home lab testing service in association with Thyrocare, provides a convenient and efficient way to get important medical tests done from the comfort of your place, without the need for a doctor's visit or a trip to a lab. It is always preferable to consult with a healthcare provider about any concerns regarding your test results.

How Much Does Hmoglobin Test Cost?

The Hemoglobin test price varies depending on various factors, such as where you live, the healthcare provider or a laboratory that performs the test, and whether or not you have health insurance coverage. You can check the hb blood test price on our website. We offer this test at INR 160. Our prices are lower than the average test prices without compromising on quality.

You received your Hemoglobin test results but still need help determining if they fall under the normal range. Read this section to understand whether your results are within the Hemoglobin normal range or not.

What Does Hemoglobin Test Results Mean?

A hb screening test interprets and confirms your Hemoglobin level within the body. It shows whether your Hemoglobin levels are too high or too low, pinpointing how severe the condition is. Your doctor will diagnose based on other test results and your Hemoglobin levels. 

If your Hemoglobin is below the normal Hemoglobin range, you may have signs of conditions like thalassemia, anaemia, iron deficiency, liver disease, etc. Hb test results showing higher than the Hemoglobin normal range means you have signs of heart and lung disease. 

What Is Hemoglobin Normal Range?


Here is a table representing the Hemoglobin (HB) normal range for men, women, and Pregnant women. The data here is a close estimation. Consult your doctor for exact reference ranges.


Normal Hemoglobin Levels - Adult

Hb Normal Range For Men 

13.5 – 17.5 gm/dl

Hb Normal Range For Women 

12.0 – 15.5 gm/dl

Hb Normal Range For Pregnant Women

11.0 – 12.0 gm/dl


Infants typically have higher average Hemoglobin levels than adults due to higher oxygen levels in the womb, requiring more red blood cells for oxygen transport. However, these levels gradually decrease after several weeks.


Female range (g/dL)

Male range (g/dL)

0-30 days



31-60 days



2-3 months



3-6 months



6-12 months



1-5 years






11-18 years



What Medical Conditions Can Cause High Hemoglobin Level?

If your Hemoglobin Test at home reveals a higher than normal hb level, it may happen because of the following medical conditions: 

  • Lung disease: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) includes a range of diseases associated with airflow blockage from the lungs that can raise your Hemoglobin levels. 
  • Living at a high altitude: At high altitudes, the decreased barometric pressure results in oxygen saturation of Hemoglobin. Oxygen extraction improves to meet tissue oxygen supply, which results in high Hemoglobin levels. 
  • Polycythemia vera: Hb levels are high in this condition wherein the red blood cell mass is more. 
  • Dehydration 
  • Heavy smoking
  • Burns
  • Extreme physical exercise

What Medical Conditions Can Cause Low Hemoglobin Level?

If your Hemoglobin screening test reveals a lower-than-normal Hb level, it may happen because of anaemia. This medical condition may trigger your body because of the following: 

  • Vitamin B-12 deficiency: This deficiency can result in the formation of abnormally large red blood cells that fail to perform effectively, in turn, impacting the Hb content in the blood. 
  • Bleeding: Extreme blood loss results in low Hb levels. 
  • Kidney disease: Whether acute or chronic, in kidney disease, your kidney fails to produce enough EPO, which reduces the RBC and Hemoglobin count. 
  • Hypothyroidism: It is known to suppress the activity of RBC-producing bone marrow cells and thus results in a depleted Hb level. 
  • Iron deficiency: Iron and Hemoglobin are directly related. Iron deficiency thus leads to low Hemoglobin levels. 
  • Folate deficiency: Folate plays an important role in the making of RBCs and its deficiency impacts RBC count and Hemoglobin levels alike. 
  • Bone marrow disorders: Conditions like leukemia, lymphoma, or aplastic anemia can lead to reduced red blood cell production.
  • Hemolytic disorders: These include sickle cell anemia, thalassemia, G6PD deficiency, and hereditary spherocytosis, where red blood cells are destroyed prematurely.

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FAQ Around Hemoglobin Test

In addition to fatigue, weakness, pale skin, dizziness, shortness of breath, and irregular heartbeat, other symptoms of low Hemoglobin (anemia) may include headache, cold hands and feet, brittle nails, difficulty concentrating, and increased sensitivity to cold temperatures.

Hemoglobin concentration in infants and adults varies:

Preterm Infants

Full-Term Neonates

Children & Adults

Optimal Levels

15 g/dL

15 g/dL

15 g/dL

Minimum Acceptable

12 g/dL

11 g/dL

6 g/dL

Extremely low Hemoglobin levels, below 5.0 g/dL (50 g/L), can lead to heart failure and even death. Conversely, Hemoglobin levels above 20 g/dL (200 g/L) may cause capillary obstruction due to hemoconcentration. If you experience symptoms of anemia or hemoconcentration, seek immediate medical attention.

Women have lower Hemoglobin levels because they experience menstrual blood loss, leading to a gradual decrease in iron stores over time. Additionally, hormones and genetic factors also play a role in the difference in Hemoglobin levels between males and females.

In the womb, infants receive oxygen through the placenta, which provides higher oxygen levels than air. To transport this oxygen effectively, infants require more red blood cells and thus have higher Hemoglobin levels. However, as they transition to breathing air after birth, their Hemoglobin levels gradually decrease to more typical levels for their age. This adaptation allows infants to meet their oxygen needs efficiently during the critical early stages of life.

Hemoglobin (Hb) measures the oxygen-carrying protein in red blood cells. Hemoglobin A1C (glycosylated hemoglobin test) evaluates average blood sugar levels over 2-3 months. While Hb assesses oxygen transport, HbA1c monitors long-term glucose control for diabetes.

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