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Male Infertility Causes Management And Cure

Male Infertility Causes Management And Cure

Posted By HealthcareOnTime Team Posted on 2022-03-22

Male Infertility is a condition causing incompetence in conceiving due to reproductive problems in the male partner in a couple. Occurrence of this is not a chance possibility anymore but characteristics of certain diseases, disorders and varying lifestyle situations

Male Infertility Causes Management And Cure

MALE INFERTILITY "A condition which affects men, crushing hopes... fueling despair"

Let us not lie to ourselves, but as humans, our ultimate joy lies in expanding our family; experience the most cherished motherhood or fatherhood phase in life! Unfortunately, some individuals are ungratefully subjected to biological inability to conceive, an anomaly in either partners; tagged as fertility issues. Infertility is a medical condition but Indians showcase it as a big worry, due to the tremendous social stigma it carries along. Being childless in India is not less than a crime, a curse shouldered upon the partners; in fact even today rural Indian women are victims of superstitious beliefs wherein some are even beaten up with peacock feathers, forced into fasting, etc.

Many individuals from the conventional background contemplate suicide, divorce or remarriage to solve the problem of childlessness. Failure to understand the body's anomaly and struggle towards reproduction - affecting both men and women, is a pure form of ignorance!

Male Infertility Causes
- Disorders: Abnormal swelling of testicles, anti-sperm antibodies (proteins produced by cells of immune system) that invade and eliminate sperms and hormonal imbalances causing low testosterone levels, etc.
- Infections: inflammation in the reproductive system and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) decrease the sperm quality and its production.
- Genetic defects: Certain inherited disorders cause abnormal development of the male reproductive system due to chromosomal abnormality associating to infertility.
- Sexual anomalies: One of the common issues experienced by male individuals, but less talked upon is Retrograde ejaculation. Most often, the semen instead of emerging during orgasm enters the bladder. It is usually associated with health conditions like Diabetes, surgery or spinal cord injuries.
- Environmental factors: Over exposure to certain environmental elements such as heat, toxins and chemicals can reduce sperm production and function. Also, lifestyle habits of sitting for long hours, wearing tight clothing, working on a laptop for long hours, causes increase in temperature of the scrotum region leading to reduction in sperm count.
- Lifestyle issues: Drugs and alcohol abuse, tobacco Smoking, emotional stress and obesity also become factors which affect fertility levels.

Male Infertility Management And Cure
The dilemma in accepting infertility, to a great extent, is due to lack of knowledge on its occurrence and causes. Of course, speaking about reproductive problems is considered a taboo in our society, so much so that it's always discussed behind closed doors and seldom is a physician approached by the affected. Socially, the impact of males suffering from this condition is deemed to be against their masculinity, demeaning the problem which otherwise with proper knowledge can be avoided or cured.

Psychologically, men have an internal battle of anxiety and depression which has a severe effect on the counter sex. The bouts of suppressed feelings and depression are often followed by disappointments and anger on the spouse. A need to treat these mental challenges can only be acquired through mutual understanding and belief in finding a solution for every complication. Nonetheless, technological advancements have been a blessing to treat Infertility by introducing Assisted Reproductive Therapy (ART) and adoption was never a lost option, if determined to raise a child with unbiased love and affection.

In 21st century India, where knowledge and diagnostic centers have reached par excellence, the doors to deal with this plight are wide open to bring in sense and sensibility to both the genders. The question is, are we aware of the problems causing infertility? Are we ready to accept and live with the knowledge that this flaw is not gender biased? Finally, are we making any changes to improve our condition and take preventive measures instead of holding on to superstitious beliefs? Male infertility is a less pondered upon condition, which needs our attention! Can we still solely blame a woman as a responsible factor for failing to bear a child? It's time to change our perception and grow towards a better living.

Health crisis is never gender biased, So why are we?


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